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Dandelion Wishes44

Red Brick Alley

Red Brick Alley

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  • Travel Ybor City street view photography print
  • Ready to hang photo
  • Bright picture quality

Frame Options


  • Matte canvas finish
  • Hand-stretched canvas on a real wood frame
  • High-resolution photo printing in vivid colors
  • UV-resistant inks, totally free of solvents


      • Sleek and glossy acrylic finish
      • Beautiful shimmering depth effect
      • Resistant to UV and moisture damage
      • Meticulously cut with polished edges

      Story Behind The Lens: 

      In the heart of historic Ybor City, nestled amidst the cobblestone streets and time-worn facades, stands a captivating brick building that seems to whisper secrets of days long past. Its weathered red bricks, each bearing the weight of countless memories, create an enchanting tapestry of antiquity. The pull-down fire escape, like a forgotten ladder to the past, clings to the side of the building, its metal rungs rusted and worn. An alley way always speaks to me as I carry my camera lens around my neck and wait for that perfect stumble upon like here in this photo.  

      Ybor City, Florida 2024
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      Photo of Jules Bakker


      Jules Bakker

      My journey in photography is a testament to the power of passion, self-discovery, and the art of learning by doing. I did not start with formal education in photography; instead, my camera quite literally fell into my lap, becoming the catalyst for my self-taught odyssey. 

      Every image I create is a celebration of this unique journey – a blend of raw talent, boundless curiosity, and an unwavering commitment to the art of photography. It is a reminder that artistic mastery is not confined to the walls of a classroom but can emerge from a genuine love for the craft and the relentless pursuit of one’s creative vision.